Webinar Replay: Distressed Cannabis Businesses

On February 28, 2023, Harris Bricken attorneys Hilary Bricken (Los Angeles), Griffen Thorne (Los Angeles), Ethan Minkin (Phoenix), and Vince Sliwoski (Portland) hosted an hour-long webinar discussion about the depressed cannabis market and what distressed cannabis businesses can do about it.

During the webinar, our team talked about the lack of bankruptcy protections for distressed cannabis businesses due to federal cannabis illegality, alternatives to bankruptcy proceedings for distressed cannabis businesses (such as receiverships or assignments for the benefit of creditors), secured financing and lien remedies, regulatory ramifications of each of these things, and much more. The team also fielded live questions  from the audience on various factors affecting the depressed cannabis market.

As promised during the webinar, we wanted to make the webinar available for anyone who missed this event or for anyone who wanted to watch it more than once. So, we’ve embedded a link to the live webinar replay below. We hope you all enjoy it!

As the cannabis market goes through more twists and turns, our cannabis attorneys will be sure to keep all of you updated on the state of the industry and what we are seeing in terms of relief for distressed cannabis businesses. So as we usually say, stay tuned to the Canna Law Blog.

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