Preventive Law: Helping your clients before push comes to shove

By Karl A. Slaikeu Rare is the client who looks to litigators, alternative dispute resolution specialists or even corporate counsel as the “go to” persons for providing services that will prevent disputes. Most attorneys serve their clients by representing them in disputes that are already or soon to be underway, with a focus on billable … Read more

Humanizing the Process: A new approach to interviewing for law firms

By Marcus G. Ollig For the past 20 years in the legal recruiting business, my firm, the Advocates, has focused on helping our clients land key lateral attorneys and improve retention through several unique processes designed to match candidates’ personalities to the right law firm and corporate cultures for them. For us, the matching of … Read more

Anti-discrimination laws are faltering in the face of artificial intelligence; here’s what to do about it

“On the basis of.” These four words from the Civil Rights Act of 1964 underlie the modern conception of illegal bias. From federal anti-discrimination statutes to state and local laws, this phrase nearly unites them all. The problem? As artificial intelligence systems automate more analyses, it is all too easy for decisions to become less … Read more

How an Am Law 200 firm created an incubator program for associates to learn business, leadership skills

In early 2020, as the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to set in, our leadership team tapped into an unexpected source of inspiration: My dog—an intrepid cavalier King Charles spaniel named Rocky. Rocky is the quintessential adapter and innovator. Put in any situation, Rocky can see around corners and anticipate opportunities, whether it’s … Read more