Hillsdale College Revokes Curriculum License to “Classical” School Over Its Objections to Michelangelo’s David

Tallahassee Democrat (Ana Goñi-Lessan) reported yesterday, linking to a Hillsdale press release:

Hillsdale College is no longer affiliated with Tallahassee Classical School. Tallahassee Classical previously held a license to use Hillsdale’s curricular materials. That license has been revoked and will expire at the end of the school year.

Hillsdale College provides a classical scope and sequence to many schools across the country as a free resource. It is important to note that Hillsdale does not advise or train the teachers, board members, or school leaders of these curriculum schools.

Hillsdale’s relations with those schools are founded upon a mutual understanding about the aims of education. Education is a cooperative endeavor between students, parents, and teachers. Discretion, good judgment, and prudence are essential for that endeavor to be successful.

To set the record straight: This drama around teaching Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture, one of the most important works of art in existence, has become a distraction from, and a parody of, the actual aims of classical education. Of course, Hillsdale’s K-12 art curriculum includes Michelangelo’s “David” and other works of art that depict the human form.

For more, see this earlier blog post.

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