After seeing attitude shifts about opiate addiction, MDL lawyer targets Facebook

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After seeing attitude shifts about opiate addiction, MDL lawyer targets Facebook

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In the 35 years that Jayne Conroy has been a lawyer, she’s spent the entire time in private practice doing civil litigation and has tried more than 70 cases. She also worked her way through law school as a paralegal, which she says enhanced her education experience and taught her the best ways to know a case file backward and forward, as well as how things should be organized.

Conroy’s work includes leading some of the multidistrict litigation involving opiates with jury trials around the country. Through that, she’s seen juries and judges change their minds about addiction and responsibilities.

Her next target is social media. In 2022, Conroy and other lawyers brought a federal action against Meta Platforms Inc., which includes Facebook and Instagram, alleging that the algorithms are designed to be addictive, and that it harms youths who use the sites. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California complaint’s allegations include design defect, negligence and fraud.

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Jayne Conroy is a name partner at Simmons Hanly Conroy, and she oversees the firm’s complex litigation department. Based in New York, Conroy serves on various court-appointed leadership committees for multidistrict litigation matters.

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